Page 19: Concepts of quality of infant milk

The objective of infant formula milk is to get closer to breast milk. Thus, the quality of infant formula is defined by at least two aspects:

  • its microbiological quality
  • its nutritional quality.


Microbiological quality

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This final result can be achieved only through a continuous quality control, orchestrated throughout the manufacturing process.

Nutritional quality

The nutritional value of infant formula can be assessed in quantitative terms but also, increasingly, in qualitative terms.
To date, internationally accepted standards focused on the quantitative aspect : indeed, an ingredient in the composition was allowed within the limits of a minimum content and maximum content. Tomorrow, the metabolic behavior of the nutritional compound will occupy a dominant place. The protein must be both:

  • digestible, and
  • bioavailable.

If, for the moment, the authorities are content to issue warnings and messages of awareness of these new standards, these recommendations will soon have the force of coercion and will be subject to control.

This new situation has a direct impact on the selection and design of manufacturing processes. It is known that different processing methods are likely to affect the native compounds by modifying their molecular structure. ; Then appear in newly formed compounds (Maillard compounds, etc.), some of which are potentially harmful to the health of an  infant.

More than ever, vigilance is required by the manufacturers in this field. Proactivity and anticipation, research results and appropriate procedures, the possible need of turning towards a specialist like LISA , must be able to meet this critical challenge which is preserving the infant’s health.