Infant nutrition, a great window for LAITERIE DE MONTAIGU

September 19, 2012 by Catherine Longueville

Translated by Lisa Infant Milk, from Vendée Agricole, 08/2012


Established in 1932, LAITERIE DE MONTAIGU is now managed by the 3rd generation. Counting China among its customers, it occupies a world leader position on the infant milk powder market.


While companies relocate and with Asia invading the European market, LAITERIE DE MONTAIGU outdid its competitors in 2007 by winning a big contract in China, for its infant milk powder. This dairy, specialized in milk processing, has made a name for itself in the world of high-quality dairy products without any fanfare.

LAITERIE DE MONTAIGU’s communication remains discreet. With its blue background, the two-letter “LM” logo is seen only in two big professional fairs: the SIRHA food exhibition in Lyon and EUROPAIN, the Paris International trade fair for bakery.

In April 2005, the dairy chose to stop milk collection in order to specialize in processing. LAITERIE DE MONTAIGU also has a solid reputation thanks to its Montaigu AOP Charentes-Poitou butter, for which it is regularly rewarded by the Paris Concours Général Agricole.

The family owned company is headed by the grand daughters of Georges Sabourin, founder of the dairy. 50% of its 177 Million Euro turnover comes from UHT milk products, milk powders for readymade meals, sweets and pastries and the other 50% comes from the milk powders for infants and nutrition.

It was Louis Sabourin who had launched in the market. "Infant milks have long existed but our peculiarity was the development of the infant formula market adapted to infant pathologies, such as allergies, diarrhea, malabsoptions", says Caroline Sablereau, his great granddaughter. "Henceforth it is the showcase of our expertise and our line of development" says the head of sales and marketing of the company.

The Laiterie de Montaigu arises today as a leader in France and is developing internationally in the market which it has initiated in the year 2000. Its specific expertise on the high end products is now known worldwide.

It is surrounded by the expertise of INRA, Rennes since 1998 and has a partnerin laboratory application, BIONOV, to launch its infant formula products. But, the formulas are elaborated in its own laboratory for research and development.




You will not find the infant milk powders of the Laiterie de Montaigu in the shelves of super markets. These products are marketed under the brand of customers and are distributed mainly in the pharmacies.

"We do not have retail brands. We are working for the laboratories specialised in infant nutrition who sometimes ask us to create a formula".

In 10 years, the dairy has made a name for itself. As proof, they have become the main suppliers of infant milk powders for the above mentioned Chinese company. "This is a client specialized in products intended for the infant world. After food disaster including infant milk contaminated with melamine, the company wanted to work only with the best foreign suppliers. The Americans walked away with the diaper market and we have been retained for infant milk powders". The dairy continues to invest for innovation in the market of high end products. "We have realized a study with the University Hospital of Rennes on formulas for premature babies and signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Valparaiso in Chile to develop a product suitable for food allergies".



-      Turnover : 177 Million Euros

-      200 employees

-      Products : Milk powder for adult consumption (sweets, pastries and readymade meals), nutritional milk powder.

-      Fresh products : Montaigu butter AOP Charentes-Poitou, fresh cream, custard, creme brulee, sweetened cream, preparation for Italian ice creams (ice mix).



(1)  The Laiterie de Montaigu, on 1st April 2005, proposed to its milk producers to join the cooperative USVAL of GLAC group, TERRALACTA today, following an agreement reached between both the companies in order to benefit upto 10% of provisional allocations instead of 2% and a higher average price of milk.

(2)  Headed by a three person direction committee : Isabelle Sablereau, President, Sophie Born, Director General, the grand daughters of Louis and Georges Sabourin, founders of the Dairy in 1932, as well as Eric Blanchard, Director General.

Comment by Seongchan Ju

October 18, 2018 at 08:22 AM

Hello, this is Seongchan Ju in Dong Am from Korea.
Long time ago, we had a business with Montaigue.

My customer is looking for a good French supplier of whole milk powder.
Annual volume is over 1,000mt.

Could you confirm if your company can supply WMP to Korea/China?
Your favorable reply would be highly appreciated.