Chile, a country with a great potential for the dairy sector

February 2, 2012 by Eric Blanchard

A program for the promotion and the attraction of investments in the diary industry

As part of the Sago Fisur 2011 exhibition in Osorno, the 5-day program has been organized by Ubifrance and the French Trade Commission of Santiago in partnership with the Chilean Economic Development Agency, the CORFO. The objective of this program was to promote and attract foreign investments for the Chilean dairy industry.

LISA was selected to participate to this mission, only reserved to two French dairy companies.  

  View of Santiago of Chile
  View of Santiago



Chile - the region of Los Lagos

Chile - the region of Los Rios

Los Lagos & Los Rios regions


Chile: natural resources for milk production

The country is located in an exceptional geographical area, which allows it to be protected from contamination risks. Between the Ocean and the Andes Cordillera, Chile has a highly potential agricultural land. Indeed, the rainy weather and the excellent quality of their meadows have lead to the development of the dairy industry.


Thanks to the high level of sanitory control, dairy cooperatives produce a milk of high quality. The Chilean dairy industry can benefit from a suitable climate, particularly in the Southern half of the country (including the regions of Los Lagos and Los Rios) gathering 75% of cattle and 600.000 hectares devoted to dairy production (80% of the country).*

*Source : French Trade Commissions





Key figures of the Chilean dairy industry*

  • Chile is involved in up to 5% of milk production in Latin America,
  • The production of the dairy sector represents 6% of agricultural GDP and 33% of the GDP of livestock farming,
  • The volume of milk production is about 2450 million liters,
  • 491 500 dairy cows, that is 14.2% of the national cattle,
  • 98 000 dairy farms,
  • 895.73 million liters of collected milk in 2010, that is more than +39.61% compared to 1995.

*Source : French Trade Commissions

Chilean dairy farms

Chilean dairy farms


Chilean dairy farms

High technology production facilities

High technology production facilities

High technology production facilities


A suitable economic environment to foreign investors

Chile offers strong guarantees for foreign investors. Thanks to its economic stability and monetary discipline, Chile is considered as the Latin American country with the least investment risk and high competitiveness. The country is recognised as the most dynamic developing economies in the area (rate of GDP Growth 2011: 5.8% (estimated) source IMF), and takes advantage of modern transportation infrastructures. Furthermore, Chile is a strategic platform for export, as its large number of free trade agreements with other countries shows (Free trade agreements with several major economies, including the European Union, the United States, China and South Korea.).



Here you can read some information about significant organizations I met during my business trip:


Corfo’s InvestChile

Corfo Invest Chile LogoCorfo, the Chilean Economic Development Agency, promotes the economic growth in the country through investment promotion, innovation and development of business groups providing a quality and productivity approach. Corfo supervises a variety of programs designed to improve Chile’s economic development. These programs’ objectives are to attract foreign investment and increase the competiveness of domestic companies. The many project areas are: Quality and Productivity; Innovation; and Investment Promotion. Likewise, through InvestChile, Corfo supports the increase of national and international investments in the country by promoting, attracting and facilitating their realization. And, finally, it makes attempts to strengthen human capital as a base for business development.

For further information, please go to:


Fundación Gustavo Mondion

Fundacion Gustavo Mondion logo

Created in 2011, the mission of the Gustavo Mondion Foundation is to protect and develop the Chilean farming, thanks to the promotion of innovation and good agricultural practices.


For further information, please go to:

 My trip in Chile

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