A concrete project: LISA's partner, Laiterie de Montaigu, has decided to invest in a new drying plant

June 17, 2013 by Eric BLANCHARD

This article is Part 4 (and last part) of a focus on "Investing in the infant milk production"


Laiterie de Montaigu (or LM) is a family business which was created in 1932 in the west of France by the grandfather of the current CEOs. Employing 200 people, the French dairy firm is recognized in the world as a specialist of high quality infant milk powders thanks to its 17 years of R&D investments and stringent quality management.

Since 2007, LM is manufacturing for the Chinese leader of the high end market, which enabled LM to assert its presence on the international infant milk market and also to develop its experience. Successful in China, LM receives many requests from around the world to produce infant milk powders but production capacities are full. That is why the board of directors decided to invest in a new production plant to supply more customers. The new dryer, with a capacity of 17 000 tonnes per year, represents a 32.5 million € investment and will be operational at the end of 2014.

But being at the forefront of technology process and formulation does not mean you have all the clues to make the right strategic choices. So Laiterie de Montaigu gave LISA the missions to develop its business worldwide, taking into account not only Asia but other parts of the world where infant milk consumption is developing. LISA, with its team of experts, helps in providing market studies and relevant information from the targeted countries (trends, potential markets, potential partners, etc.). Then LISA makes recommendations and gives strategic advice to choose serious clients, with a strong ethic, to absorb the new production.


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Comment by david shapiro

June 18, 2013 at 11:02 AM

Hi There
I am subscribed to your electronic newsletters and am very keen to learn more about the special software LISA have developmed for optimizing Spray drying capacity.
I work with a south African based infant formula business owned by Aspen Pharmacare. You may know that Aspen recently acquired the Pfizer Nutrition (old Wyeth IMF business) in certain countries from Nestle' who are not able to sell in certain markets due to competition issues.
Anyhow I am on the R&D side and I work very closely with Production and QA to always maximize output while achieving the highest quality and food safety.
Can you provide us with more information on the software you have developed and how you sell it and support same?
Looking forward to your response
Kind regards
David Shapiro