Needs addressed by LISA

Improving or creating infant formula milk

  • Incrementing the quality of an existing infant formula milk
  • Improving the formulation of an existing infant formula milk
  • Developing new formulations from an imposed nutritional profile
  • Improving the quality of ingredients supply


LISA, infant milk powder expert - optimizing existing production processes

Optimizing existing production processes

  • Shortening the development time of a new formulation
  • Allowing small series production
  • Optimizing drying performance, particularly in terms of energy consumption
  • Improving the production environment, particularly in terms of health and safety.


Establishing an infant milk powder factory

  • Designing and configuring a complete line of production, which means defining the flow and steps of the manufacturing process
  • Designing and setting up a tower of infant milk spray drying
  • Calculating the necessary investments
  • Choosing the appropriate manufacturers of process equipment and ensure engineering

establishing an infant milk powder factory


Finding the right partner

  • Selecting a contractor capable of producing infant milk following the desired standards
  • Selecting ingredient suppliers
  • Selecting testing laboratories (physicochemical testing, microbiological testing...)
  • Selecting an organization to conduct clinical studies (Clinical Research Organization)
Infant milk powder industry : finding the right partner


Making an infant milk powder business model evolve

Making a business model evolve

  • Designing or promoting a new offer or new concept surging from the business of infant formula milk, which should be adapted to market expectations and be a future source of growth for the company.


Getting a tailored response to a specific problem

LISA takes into consideration any special requests which could be expressed on an issue of supply, production, spray drying or entry into the infant milk industry.

After analyzing the request, as well as the processes and the resources involved, LISA will provide the lacking solution at technical, operational or strategic level.

LISA will provide the lacking solution at technical, operational or strategic level.