LISA's areas of intervention





A field of novel interventions in the sector

LISA provides advanced know-how in infant milk powder, recognized by the industrialists as well as the academic world. It also puts in contribution its knowledge of players in the sector to offer assistance in largely novel areas, thus maximizing the value delivered by each link of the chain :

  • Technical intervention : technical consultancy, methods and expertise
  • Operational and strategic intervention :  evaluation and selection of partners (manufacturers of ingredients, raw materials processors, distributors, agencies for clinical studies, testing laboratories ...), strategic consulting.








LISA’s mastery of the value chain
dedicated to the infant milk powder

LISA’s skill of the value chain dedicated to the infant milk powder

LISA, engineering firm

LISA offers audit and engineering services in the design flow and the manufacturing process of infant milk powder. They may take place in the frame of :

  • a desire to optimize existing facilities to manufacture infant milk powder
  • a project to build a new manufacturing infant milk powder factory
  • or any special requests expressed in this area.

After a visit of the plant, a diagnosis and a feasibility study, depending on demand, LISA will issue a technical proposal, which may include the choice of suppliers, the calculation of required investments, and can ensure the mastery of work. 

LISA, infant milk powder engineering firm



Infant milk know-how by LISA

LISA offers its customers the technology, methods and expertise in order to achieve for them:

  • the development of new formulations of infant milk powder
  • incremental improvement of the quality of a product
  • the adjustment of infant milk spray drying parameters
  • quality management.

In this context, the service is most often subject to a long-term partnership between LISA and its client. It includes staff training, constant process updating, monitoring and quality assurance by LISA throughout the duration of partnership.


Transfer of infant milk powder technology & know-how


Selection of partners by LISA

Selection of partners by LISA

LISA’s clients benefit from LISA’s experience, awareness and objective knowledge of the global performers in the infant milk industry.

After listening and analyzing the demand, LISA acts with rigor and impartiality to search, select and present the most appropriate partner to its customer. Potential partners are evaluated through various prisms :

  • scientific expertise,
  • industrial mastery
  • competitive differentiation,
  • ethics and transparency in business relationships,
  • human compatibility.



Strategic consulting by LISA

Strategic consulting in the field of infant milk powder know how

Both new entrants or confirmed performers in the infant milk industry can consult LISA for any subject involving major strategic choices : building a new economic model, an accession to a strategic axis as a relay growth, etc…

LISA, which is especially present at the forefront of R & D and the normative reflections on infant formula milk, will advise the company by providing :

  • Elements of analysis and prospective
  • Detection of appropriate opportunities
  • Finally, support to strategic decision making.