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Infant Milk : babies' health at stake

Babies' health at stake

The best infant food is, and remains, breast milk. When breastfeeding is not possible, infant formula is the only food the child receives during the first months of his life.
However, poor quality ingredients, improper manufacturing processes, inefficient quality management alters the compounds and the contents of the final feeding bottle. Who would want to take any risks on this?
The well being of an infant is a concern shared by all players in the infant milk industry, which is precisely the purpose assigned to LISA.


Overtaking the public health issue with LISA

LISA offers to convey to stakeholders its mastery in all aspects of industrial production of infant milk powder, allowing them to put their newly acquired industrial excellence at the service of infant health.


Industrial excellence at the service of infant's health

Industrial excellence at the service of infant's health


Who can address to LISA?


Who can address to LISA


As LISA services cover the transfer of technology, know-how, advice and selective linking, actors from various sectors can be interested in it. Among them are :

  • Manufacturers of infant milk powder willing to upgrade the existing quality or increase the performance of their production or develop new formulas;
  • Manufacturers or distributors in the related field of dairy products, infant food, nutrition, pharmacy or drugstore ... and wishing to enter the segment of infant formula;
  • The ingredient manufacturers eager to find new partners in the market of infant milk powder;
  • Manufacturers of equipment (drying tower, etc.), with a general competence in the drying of food products, and facing a specific demand on the parameters for drying the infant milk.