About LISA

Eric Blanchard, an undisputed expert in infant milk powder

Eric Blanchard, founder and infant milk powder expert at LISA Infant MilkEric Blanchard, Director of LISA, is an engineer ENITIAA (Ecole Nationale des Techniques des Industries Agroalimentaires). He has long been driven by the desire to better understand the drying process and the influence of various parameters on the quality and performance of the finished product.

Eric Blanchard has been working for 17 years at Laiterie de Montaigu, as Production Manager, Director of R & D, Director of Quality and Industrial Director. During this period he filed in 2006, in cooperation with INRA, a patent support in determining the parameters of drying food products.

During his research, he met Pierre Schuck, Research and Deputy Director of INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research) of Rennes, France. Since then, Pierre Schuck collaborates regularly with LISA on various research topics and technical feasibility studies.

Eric Blanchard is co-President of the ARIA Pays-de-la-Loire, regional branch of the ANIA (National Association of Food Industries).

The scientific and technical expertise of Eric Blanchard is constantly enriched and updated, and makes him an undisputed specialist in baby milk powder in the world.

Created in 2008 to meet the particular demands of a client, the consulting firm LISA opens to the needs expressed by all stakeholders in the sector, since 2011.


LISA's expertise in the manufacturing process of powdered infant milk



LISA's expertise in the manufacturing process of powdered infant milkLISA has acquired a know-how and expertise internationally recognized in the field of infant milk powders. In particular, its control of drying processes and thus the quality of the finished product comes from a modeling method that exists nowhere else.
This explains why LISA invokes a significant advance on the average of the state of the art in force in the entire industry.

Beyond common empiricism…

It is within the pilot spray dryers that most dairy companies seek efficient operating parameters. This determination  is made empirically, a posteriori, without taking into account the intrinsic composition of the product and its relationship with the predictable set of parameters.

… A unique mathematical model

The team who later joined LISA had before, helped by physicists, thermodynamicists and extensive material resources, participated in a three- years research designed to model the behavior of dry food.
This work led to the construction of a predictive mathematical model, incorporating the main drying parameters of the system (drying efficiency, energy efficiency) depending on the composition of the product to dry.


The benefits for LISA’s clients

LISA’s clients avoid multiple laboratory and industrial pilot tests and they have their time and their initial development costs reduced.
The economic gain is felt on operating expenses, since they optimize the energy consumption of their plant, let alone the ecological gain.


The constant updating of LISA expertise

LISA is planning to support new research topics, including seeking translate modeling from the macroscopic to the microscopic scale.
It will use a predefined set of parameters and apply them to a particular product, the model should predict future changes in the particle and the quality of the product output (reconstitution of the powder, solubility and conservation).

Other research topics promoted by LISA concern the technologies permitting the contribution of  special features to a powder (easy solubility...).